Strategic Corporate Travel Management

Strategic Planning


With the extensive data that we gather about your company’s travel spend and patterns we can present detailed reports and make recommendations to save the company money and your travel more efficient. We believe in thinking ahead and planning for the future.



We start from the beginning and learn what kind of travel your company does on an annual basis. Your past travel spend, behavior, patterns, needs, and forecasted goals are all taken into account when designing a travel policy that will work for you. We believe that no company is alike and every corporate travel policy must be tailor made to reflect your culture and needs. Our expert team will guide and work with you in crafting your companies travel policy.

Implementation and Compliance


Once we have a travel policy created, we assist you in rolling out and implementing it. Getting all your travelers to comply with a new travel policy can be challenging. We can provide you incentive ideas and data reporting to assist in steering your travelers in making beneficial travel purchase decisions.

Traveler Care and Safety


The safety and wellbeing of our clients is our number one priority. Crescor Travel consultants are available to all of our travelers 24/7 365 days a year. You can rest assured that a live experienced human being will be available no matter the time, day or night. Our consultants are reachable via phone, email, and SMS. Knowing where your travelers are in the event of an emergency is critical. Travelers that book in policy and with our agency will be able to be located quickly.

Our Partners

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